Main Church Service

The main church service starts at 11.00am on Saturday. People gather together weekly to focus on the bible, to worship God and praise His name. It is a time where we can unite together, gather strength from the Word of God and learn God's will for our life. Following is an outline of the worship service -

> Introit
> Invocation
> Welcome
> Hymn
> Scripture Reading - a passage of the bible is read that is relevant to the sermon
> Prayer of Intercession
> Children's Story - the children are called to the front of the church where a short story is told to teach them about an aspect of the Bible.
> Offering
> Special Item - This can be a musical item or hymn
> Preaching of God's Word
> Hymn
> Benediction - the preacher closes the service with prayer.

Sabbath School Service

Special Occasions