Sabbath School

Sabbath school is a time where people can discuss what they have learned about God through their daily study of the Bible and fellowship with each other. The Sabbath school program may vary from one local Adventist church to another. Below is an overview of what the program may consist of.

> Program Overview
> Classes & Bible Study Guides for Different Age Groups
> World Mission Focus



Program Overview

In most caribbean churches, Sabbath School starts at 9.15 am on Saturdays. There are different classes for different age groups such as children, teenagers and youth. Outlined below are aspects of the adult Sabbath school.

  • Song service
  • Welcome & Introduction of Theme
  • Prayer
  • Special Item - this can be a musical item.
  • Mission Story - Every three months, the Seventh-day Adventist church focuses on a certain region of the world and on how church members can help people in that region. The needs and stories of these people are told. Read the mission story online. The worldwide church's Sabbath School Department produces these stories. Remarks from superintendant
  • Lesson Study - At this point everyone breaks into small groups to study the Bible. You can choose which group you want to attend. The duration of the lesson study is about 30-35 minutes. During this time, Adventists study the Bible using the Sabbath school lesson as a guide. The Sabbath school lesson is a Bible-study guide produced every three months by the worldwide church's Sabbath School Department. Read the lesson online. People are encouraged to study the lesson throughout the week and, during Sabbath school, discuss what it is teaching and how it has made an impact on them.

Classes for Different Age Groups

Depending on the size and diversity of the local Adventist church, there can be a Sabbath school class for each age group. All groups pray and study the Bible during this time, but the activities are based on the age group. Listed is the age group with a link to their relevant Bible-study guide.

Beginners (birth-2 years)  -
Parents and babies are invited to join and praise God during this time.

Kindergarten (3-5 years) -
Lots of fun activities are held for children where they can learn about God, colour, draw and make crafts.

Juniors (6-12 years) -

Teens (13-18 years) - 

What is Pathfinders?
> A program established by the Adventist Church for 10-16-year-olds run by qualified and committed leaders of the church.
> Pathfinders participate in a range of activities including abseiling, canoeing, camping, craft and hiking.
> Pathfinder clubs present awards to Pathfinders on achievement of various skills.
> Through Pathfinders, children grow spiritually and develop important life values such as teamwork, commitment and self-respect.
> Contact the Youth Department of the Adventist Church to find out more.

Young Adult -

Youth -

Adults - 
In the Youth and Adult classes, people break into small groups to discuss the Bible. People are free to express their views and share what they have learned.


World Mission Focus

World Mission is another important part of Sabbath school. It is an opportunity to focus on the needs of others around the world and also learn about different cultures. Every three months, the worldwide church choses a region of the world to improve the lifestyle of people in that region. Projects may include building schools or churches. The church also allocates a special Sabbath where the Sabbath school offering from members around the world is given to fund the mission project.

To read about our mission projects, download our World Mission magazine from the worldwide church's Sabbath school website.

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